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Woodlots for Landowners

The Scottish Woodlot Association provides the opportunity for land owners to offer their own small forest lots to create Woodlot Licences. This will benefit landowners and managers by providing a steady income whilst sustainably managing their woodlands.

Benefits for Landowners

  • Professional, intensive forest management undertaken by individuals with appropriate skills, responsibilities and resources.
  • The Woodlot Licence holder manages health & safety, public liability and all forest operations.
  • The program is supported by the association, providing assistance with setting Allowable Annual Cut and reviewing Woodlot Management Plans.
  • Your woodlands are professionally managed and you also receive annual payments for the Allowable Annual Cut.

The process

Landowners contact the Association with woodland.

The Association usually discusses with the landowner what they are looking for on a field visit, then invites members to contact the landowner.

The potential Woodlot Licence Holder creates a Woodlot Management Plan through consultation with the landowner which meets their requirements, both for their woodland and their estates objectives, and with assistance from the Association.

As part of a co-operative, members share skills, resources and knowledge to manage their woodlots effectively and efficiently.

Licence holders are limited to how much timber they can cut through an Allowable Annual Cut.

The Association has templates to assist with drawing up the Woodlot Licence agreement.

Get involved

To discuss the potential of your woodland with the Scottish Woodlot Association, please contact us via email or phone, using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

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