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Annual Allowable Cut

The Annual Allowable is a very simple mechanism but one that is very important for the whole Woodlot model. It provides a means of calculating the annual harvest on the Woodlot Licence and, from this, a means of calculating the rent. Use of this method also ensures that the Association has control the of the timber resource. Whether the Woodlot is worked annually or not is irrelevant.

How the Annual Allowable Cut is calculated

1)    Calculate the productive area and deducting the Net-downs (rides/roads/open ground etc.).

2)    Establish the likely rotation of the species which is likely to be used in restocking. The current species is not relevant, other than indicating what has worked, or not.

3)    If there is likely to be more than one rotation length then weight accordingly to the likely area of each rotation class.

4)    Divide the productive area by the rotation of the next species to give the Allowable Annual Cut.

5)    Calculate the likely thinning cycle of the current species in the productive area. Calculate the average thinning cycle for the Woodlot by weighting according to area.

6)    Divide the productive area by the rotation of the current species to give the Allowable Annual Cut Thinning Area.

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