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About Woodlots

What is a Woodlot?

A Woodlot is a small parcel of forest land leased and managed by individuals. Timber production is the core aim, but on a smaller scale than the norm.

Is this a money-making scheme?

The SWA is not seeking to make a profit. It is likely that the Woodlot Licence Holder will make a small return through timber sales.

What are the min/max Sizes of a Woodlot?

Small scale Woodlots might be a few hectares, larger ones may be up to 50 hectares.

How long do the Licences last?

This is defined primarily by the underlying agreement with the landowner. In time, we aim to have longer leases that allow people to pass on to family members – the next generation of Woodlot Licence holders.

How much will it cost to lease a Woodlot?

This depends on the value of the timber, costs of restocking, and the productivity (Allowable Annual Cut) of the Woodlot Licence.

Do I have to rent a plot? I would prefer to buy.

The current model we are working on is lease-only. This is to protect the aims of the Association in encouraging locally managed, small scale family forestry.

I am a landowner. What’s in it for me?

If you have land that is costing you to manage, the Scottish Woodlot Association can remove this burden and ensure it is managed for you. You will also get annual rent payments.

Can we involve our community?

Community involvement is welcomed and encouraged – woodlot licences are a great way of involving local families in forest management and tenure.

Do we have to produce only timber on the plot?

Woodlot licences are production forest plots; they are designed for timber production, although other non-timber products may be produced alongside the main crop where possible.

I have no forestry experience. Would I still be eligible for a Woodlot?

If you support our aims and want to get actively involved then you are eligible to join the Association through the membership process.

Will I get help with the management plan?

Co-operation is key to this project – we aim to have license-holders from all forestry backgrounds so the pooling of skills will mean assistance should be available to cover all aspects of woodland management.

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