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Corsewall, Stranraer



Area: 37ha
AAC: 0.63ha/yr
AAT: 4.48ha/yr
Holder: Mark Rowe


The Woodlot is classed as a mixed woodland, showing a varied species across the area, most of the compartments have an over-storey of Beach and Sycamore with an under-storey of Sycamore and Ash, there are sub compartments of coniferous species such as Norway Spruce and Sitka Spruce with small blocks or light scattering of Larch.

Management Objectives

The main objectives for the Woodlot is to create a positive cash flow from timber production with an emphasis on establishing a firewood business.

Although firewood production will be at the heart of the Woodlot, other markets will also be looked in to. Adding value to timber where ever possible, this may include milling saw logs on site.

The Woodlot. shall be put on a system of continuous cover forestry, this will involve group fellings of the under-storey using small group clearings of up to 0.25ha in size and a one in four selective thinning will be applied. This system will meet the requirements 0f the Allowable Annual Cut and Allowable Thinning Area set for the Woodlot

It is a priority to maintain and enhance the amenity, conservation and biodiversity value of the woodland.

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