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Castle Wood North


Area: 15 ha
AAC: 0.4ha/yr
AAT: 2ha/yr
Holder: William Allen


The Castle Wood is right on the Solway Estuary, and comprises a pleasant mixed, primarily hardwood woodland. Being a coastal woodland that is exposed to the sea to the South-West, the trees are generally not particularly tall in height although there are large old Oak to the North and East.

Overall the woodland is fairly wet, with very wet going in places. This will make extraction difficult and there clearly has been challenges when extracting during the conifer clearance.

Component Description

The Woodland has been described below as per several components which can be seen on the Sub- Compartment map.

I – Mixed Mature Broadleaves (18.9ha):

This is the predominant woodland type with more mature hardwoods dating back to post war period at least with many older trees scattered throughout. Very sparse stocking in places. A mixture of younger regen throughout. In the Eastern comparments there are more older trees. Throughout the area there are small groups of nicely formed Beech approximately 70 year old that would benefit from thinnings.

II – Mixed Broadleaved Restocking (8.74ha): These areas consist of approx 10-15 year old restocking in Tulley tubes. Most of the areas are not yet mature enough to justify thinning.

III – Ash/Sycamore Coppice (2.54ha): This area is to the North of the woodland and comprises an area that has clearly been heavily cleared of conifers in the past. The boundary between it and the Caerlaverock Castle Wood Woodlot Management Plan DRAFT 20 Jan 15 Page 5 of 14 mixed mature broadleaves described above is vague. In these areas there are groups of over-stood stools of mainly Plane (Sycamore) and Ash trees.

IV – Sitka Spruce (1.37ha): A limited remnant area of Sitka Spruce near the Castle, probably dating to the 50’s or 60’s. Very wet in places here.

V – Beech Stand (0.67ha): A large stand of mature Beech. VI – Open Ground (0.58ha): Areas of open ground which will be valuable for wildlife. Total Area: 32.8ha All areas would benefit from thinning and where appropriate cleaning of regeneration and restock.

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