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About Us

The Scottish Woodlot Association was founded in 2012 by a group of forestry professionals to bring the Woodlot Licence system from British Columbia to Scotland, giving people a stake in their local forests.

People in Scotland have few opportunities to own their own forests, and, unlike farmers currently have no opportunity to rent land for forestry. Our Association aims to change this by bringing the Woodlot Licence concept to Scotland.

Woodlot Licences will enable individuals for the first time to lease woodland; to gain more experience in forestry and to share this experience with others in a co-operative way. Woodlot Licence holders would come from all sectors of society all placed on an equal footing within the association.

What is a Woodlot?

Woodlots are relatively small areas of woodland (10-50ha), managed by individuals to produce timber and other benefits as a small-scale forestry enterprise. The Woodlot is not usually owned by the Woodlot holder but leased from the landowner. This is known as a Woodlot Licence.

How does it work?

The Association rents forest land from a landowner. Local members of the Association create management plans that meet landowner requirements for particular Woodlots. They then take on a Woodlot Licence and pay a fixed rent based on the productivity of the Woodlot.

Localism is fundamental to the concept, with the Woodlot supporting local employment, helping to develop the local forestry skills-base and to benefit the local economy.

The Scottish Woodlot Association Limited is an Industrial & Provident Society – a Co-operative.

Please help us to make Woodlot Licences a reality in Scotland by donating to the association or by joining us.

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