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Welcome to the Scottish Woodlot Association.

What is a Woodlot?

A woodlot is a small area of woodland, typically around 10-20 hectares, that is managed by a Woodlot Licence Holder using small scale forestry techniques according to an agreed Allowable Annual Cut.

The Woodlot provides an opportunity for the Landowner to get small areas of forestry into management and to generate a modest return.

For the Woodlot Licence Holder, they are able to achieve Forest Tenure and put their passion for Family Forestry into practice.

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What do we do?

The Scottish Woodlot Association works with landowners and Woodlot Licence Holders and helps put both parties together.

We assist with Woodlot Management Plans, Felling Licences, Timber Marketing and sourcing Plants for Restocking. As a co-op we frequently meet, share skills, equipment and work together to get our Woodlots into effective small-scale tenure and management.

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